DIY Halloween 2017

October 23rd, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner and with only 8 days left, we’ve gathered up last-minute, DIY decorations that will creep-out your guests! All ideas and images have been found on Pinterest – the ultimate DIY source!

Everything listed here can be made with items found around the house, or are relatively cheap to purchase.

Haunted Balloons
Materials Needed: Colored Balloons (orange, black, white, purple, etc.), Black Sharpie, Ribbon
Image result for halloween drawing on balloons

   1. Add air to the balloons and tie ribbon.
   2. With your black Sharpie, draw on creepy faces such as, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, skulls, etc.
Purchase a pack of 15 orange balloons for $2.99 at Party City

Spooky Eyes

Materials Needed: Empty Toilet Paper Roll, Glow Sticks, Pencil, Scissors
Related image

Save a few empty toilet paper rolls and follow these 3 steps:
   1. Draw and cut out different shapes of eyes in the empty toilet paper rolls
   2. On the night of your party, or Halloween, insert glow sticks to the TP rolls
   3. Place the completed project in your windows or bushes to scare your guests!
You can purchase glow sticks at the Dollar Tree – 8 come in 1 pack for just $1! 

Infested Soap Bottle
Materials Needed: Soap Bottle, Fake Insects
Image result for halloween plastic insects in soap bottle

Gross out your guests by inserting fake insects in your hand-soap bottles in the bathroom and kitchen. Remove the soap sticker for a better effect!
You can purchase a pack of 50 mini spiders at Party City for just $1.99! 

Front Door Mummy

Materials: White Streamer Roll, White & Black Paper, Tape, Scissors
Image result for mummy wrapped front door

   1. Wrap your front door or any interior door with the white streamer tightly, and tape at the end. (This won’t damage your door, and it’s an easy clean up!)
   2. Cut out 2 big circles with the white paper, and 2 small/medium circles with the black paper (the mummy’s eyes)
   3. Tape the white circles first, and the black circles on top of the white.
You can purchase the white streamer for $1 at the Dollar Tree 

Halloween Party Cups
Materials Needed: Plastic Cups, Googly-Eyes, Tacky Glue or Hot Glue Gun
So spooky, so easy! Just slap on some sticky googly eyes for an easy Halloween party cup.

Plastic cups are a necessity at parties. Keep an eye on your guests by adding googly-eyes to the cups! Simply glue the eyes to each cup – or you could set up a DIY station and have your guests decorate their own!
Purchase a pack of 60 googly-eyes for $2.99 at Michaels

Halloween Utensil Holder

Materials Needed: Colored Plastic Cups, Glue, Decorations of your choice
Spooky Halloween Mason Jars - a fun diy Halloween craft project to do with the kids. Cover Mason Jars with creeping, crawling spiders and jiggly Monster Eyes and you have a Halloween container that will look great on your Halloween Party food table! Pin this cute Halloween Party Idea for later and follow us for more fun Halloween Decoration Ideas.

   1. Choose your decoration – i.e. plastic spiders, googly-eyes, ribbons, spider webbing, etc.
   2. Glue your decorations to the plastic cups. Ribbons can be wrapped around and tied in a bow
   3. Insert the utensils into the cups!
You can find decorations at Amazon for cheap! 
(If you have extra mason jars, you could spray paint them with Halloween colors and glue your decorations with a hot glue gun!)

Spooky Spider Lamp

Materials Needed: Dark-Colored Paper, Pencil, Scissors, Tape
Such a quick, easy and fun way to decorate for Halloween. Watch the Spiders magically appear as the sun goes down and the lamps turn on!
If you have light-colored lamp shades, draw and cut out scary silhouettes of your favorite Halloween images! i.e. Spiders, webs, skulls, pumpkins, witch hats, etc.

Spinning Ghosts

Materials Needed: Paper (or White Cardboard/Poster Board), Scissors, Black Sharpie
DIY Spinning Ghosts...posted by Heidi...Looking for a super cheap, super easy decorating idea for Halloween? You found it. This entire project cost me $.90!!! (3 posterboards/$.30 each) These Simple Cardboard Spinning Ghosts are a hit with the kids and make a great statement for a party.
   1. Follow the spiral pattern (Download FREE pattern here)
   2. Draw on ghostly faces
   3. Cut out and hang around your home!
Regular paper will create smaller ghosts, white cardboard or poster board will create larger ghosts

Free Downloadable Halloween Prints
Materials Needed: Computer, Printer, Paper
These 70 Free Halloween Printables Are THE BEST! I love all the different designs you can choose from. These artists are so generous!These 70 Free Halloween Printables Are THE BEST! I love all the different designs you can choose from. These artists are so generous!

Check out DIY Bunker for FREE Halloween Prints!




We hope you enjoy these cheap and spooky DIY crafts that we found on Pinterest!